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San Mariano Tomato Redorta

Mini San Mariano Tomato

Red Brandywine Tomato

Earliana Heirloom Tomato

San Mariano Tomato Redorta named for a mountain, Pizzo Redorta in Bergamo, Italy. A much larger tomato (8 oz., 4-inch) with much better taste than its cousin, San Marzano. Meaty, delicious enough to eat off the vine with the bonus of ending up with more tomato paste per plant. An excellent choice for a wonderful complex and flavorful choice for tomato sauce , canning or salsa. Disease resistant.

Like its full-sized version, the Mini San Marzano is an heirloom variety Roma tomato that is meatier and naturally sweeter than regular tomatoes and contains fewer seeds.

Red Brandywine The fruits of this potato-leaf heirloom are rich red with a slight orange undertone and weigh an average of 1 lb. This variety is known to set fruit better than the Pink Brandywine.

Earliana produces well until frost and appears to have good disease resistance. A good salad and canning tomato. A good, prolific tomato for cooler growing regions wonderful sweet/tart flavors.


Carolina Reaper

Habanero Pepper

Cheyenne Pepper

Jalapeno Monster Hybrid

Hot Banana Pepper

Poblano Pepper

Anaheim Pepper

Whopper Hybrid Bell Pepper

This pepper--the world's hottest--is beautiful bright red with a rough surface and a long stinger. But don't let its good looks fool you! Be very, very careful using this pepper. Those who don't fear the Reaper are fools. Its Scoville rating is 1,641,300 SHU. Flavor has been described as sweet, fruity, with a hint of cinnamon with chocolate undertones. Uses include hot sauces, salsas, cooking, settling old scores and combat.

Habanero has a delicious, pungent, smoky quality unlike any other pepper; many people find its flavor and aroma irresistible in sauces and salsas.

Excellent for frying and in salsas. High yield potential. Medium-large plants.

Large jalapeno ideal for nacho slices or stuffing. Fruit measure up to 4.5 inches long and 1.75 inches across.. Traditional jalapeno heat at 2800 to 8000 Scoville units.

It may look like a mild banana pepper, but really the Hungarian wax pepper has a lot more bite. In terms of spiciness, it’s more akin to a jalapeño with a chance for a bit more heat. This is a great chili for all sorts of cooking (including chiles rellenos) and a popular one to top off a salad with or to pickle.

Called Ancho when dried, Poblano when fresh. This is one of the most popular peppers grown in Mexico. Plants grow to 2 1/2 ft. tall. Fully ripened, red fruits are much hotter and flavorful than the earlier picked green ones.

Large green to red pepper, to 6-8" long. Mild pepper, commonly used in chile rellenos. 500-1000 Scoville

Fully 4-inches-across and 4-inches-long, this giant main-season bell is unsurpassed for appearance as well as taste! Inevitably drawing astonished stares in our trial gardens, the fruits have very thick walls and a sweet, juicy, crisp, and tender flavor perfect for raw or cooked eating.





Curled Parsley


Cucumber Viridis

Egg Plant

Megaton Hybrid Cabbage

Kossak Kohlrabi

A "European type" cucumber. Very long (12-14 inches) and slim. Dark green skin. Sweet, crispy and no bitterness.

Enormous heads hold well without cracking and have a sweet, mild flavor that is wonderful as slaw or sauerkraut. Good disease resistance.

This amazing variety can grow up to 10 in. in diameter and weigh up to 10 lbs! Even at this incredible size the flavor remains tender, sweet and delicious with no woody taste! It is also high in vitamin C, and has good storage ability.